Fire Recovery

Concow Fire Recovery Fund
Thank you to those who have supported and continue to support the Concow-Fire Recovery Fund. It allows us to provide several resources. These help families to find stability and maintain hope with little things such as propane for cooking and heating. There are supply vouchers for household goods, building materials and counseling services. In addition, there are ongoing efforts to hand out seedlings, facilitate community meetings and hire crews for clean-up of vegetation and burn debris.


Dear Community member,
Thank you for your taking action to protect your home, property and your community against wildfire. Our hope is that the information provided here will help to equip you with the knowlegde needed to help you create your own FIREWISE Landscape Design & Maintenance Plan AND to guide you through making your home resistant to fire embers by learning about FIREWISE Building Design & Materials. Together we can make a difference for the future safety of our community!

Helping You Be Prepared

Our work involves changing a paradigm of how people think and view a healthy forest, understand wildfire risks and fire behavior, and taking a responsibility for their role in protecting their homes and environment. It's not sexy, it's difficult to describe what we do and offer until you have a wildfire. We live it, learn it, experience it, and see first hand the difference for when you are a good steward of land management and doing little things around your home and how it increases the chances of survivability. It's never a guarantee, but we see the difference for those who do the work and have been challenged by wildfire….they still have living trees and homes. Non-land management shows full tree mortality, home loss, and possibly loss of life. It's hard to measure which is the importance of being consistent with this message.